2019 Community Feature: Birchwood BMW

Birchwood BMW logo

At Birchwood BMW, we believe in living your ultimate life – the life you choose to live. We embrace and celebrate diverse communities, which is why we are proud sponsors of The 2019 Pride Winnipeg Festival.

Birchwood BMW stands by what makes each and every individual authentic, as all individuals create and contribute to our society. In order to make the most of our community and our lives, we must unite and support one another.

Standing together creates a strong community and Birchwood BMW is proud to stand with Pride Winnipeg and all others in celebrating the LGBTTQ community.

2019 Community Feature: ENERGY 106 & HOT 100.5


It’s time to dance like no one’s watching with friends, family, co-workers and other like-minded souls as we embrace the unity of the strong, diverse community we live in!

ENERGY 106 & HOT 100.5 are proud to support the Pride Winnipeg Festival in hopes to see a city free from discrimination against sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.

Acceptance, Equality and Love. It is what our stations stand for and nothing makes us more proud than standing beside the LGBT2SQ+ community as they make giant leaps in changing the world.

It’s not about who you love but about the amount of love you give.

Happy Pride, Winnipeg!!!