Introducing Drag Show featuring Derrick Berry

Derrick Berry drag show Winnipeg


McPhillips Station Casino, with the support of Pride Winnipeg, is proud to bring you the Pride Drag Show featuring Derrick Barry! Taking place on the second floor of McPhillips Station Casino, this show looks to showcase Winnipeg’s local drag scene and celebrate Pride Week! 

Hosted by Satina Loren

with performances by local talent:
Moxie Cotton
Peppermint Phattie
Ruby Chopstix

Show tickets can be purchased here.

Meet & Greet tickets can be purchased here.

*Note – to use the Meet & Greet tickets you must purchase a show ticket. Meet and Greet tickets will NOT allow access to the show.


About the performers

Derrick Barry

Derrick Barry has been a performer all his life. Born and raised in Modesto, California, he began training as a gymnast at the age of 5. After competing for 7 years, at 12 years old, he decided to trade in gymnastics for the Theatre. Derrick showcased his acting abilities in over 20 productions between junior high, high school and college. At the age of 19, he moved to Hollywood to further his passion for the performing arts. Halloween 2003 piloted his new found career of impersonating pop princess Britney Spears. In June 2004, Derrick Barry’s talents carried him to the entertainment capital of the world. Derrick became the youngest cast member in the 23 year history of ‘An Evening at La Cage’ at the Riviera Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. He departed from ‘La Cage’ in the fall of 2008 after garnering international attention with his Britney Spears act on America’s Got Talent.

Derrick is currently on an international tour which follows Britney Spears’ Circus. He is also focused on his acting career, including a documentary release in the near future and his first full-length motion picture. He was most recently cast in music videos for pop sensation Katy Perry and hip-hop artist Eminem. Derrick also continues to entertain through his comedic videos known as “The Experiences”. He looks forward to a long career in the entertainment business as an actor, comedian, singer, dancer and female impersonator.


Satina Loren

Satina Loren is one of Winnipeg’s most celebrated drag queens, being the recipient of prestigious awards as the Saskatchewan Order of Canada and The Royal Canadian Order of Empress 1 ted northe. Taking inspiration from fairytales, old Hollywood starlets and fantasy, her calendars and shows have raised thousands of dollars for local LGBT charities. As Empress 15 of Winnipeg and as one of the House of Gold Diamonds Divas, she’s no stranger to throwing and promoting a great party! One thing to remember about Satina is: she’s not bad, she’s just drawn that way.


Moxie Cotton

She’ll take all your money and leave you strung out and wanting more. Introducing Moxie Cotton! She’s Winnipeg’s premiere cyber goth, an emotive and creative founding member of Slunt Factory. This high energy queen can go from goth to glam in a heartbeat, you don’t wanna miss what she does next!


Bio coming soon!

Peppermint Phattie

This is one of Peg city’s newest performers and newly crowned Entertainer of the Year. This glamour clown has a penchant for primary colours and turning it out. Her shows will reach into the past, gag the present and goop your future. Don’t miss out on the baby, the baddie, the one and only Peppermint Phattie.

Ruby Chopstix

One of the new queens in the city is a real gem. She brings the glamour, attitude, style, and a performance that’ll make you scream. The only utensil you’ll ever need, one of the Co-Entertainers of the Year Reign 19, and Winnipeg’s asian pop princess, Ruby Chopstix.


Cake, The Wicked Witch of West Broadway™ is an active member for Winnipeg's drag scene for 5 years,
with no signs of stopping. Cake is somewhat of a drag chameleon. Her style shifts between the dark and
ethereal, and the bright and colourful –but always pretty! She's been and avid fundraiser for charities in
our community as a former Empress and currently holds the title of Miss Club 200. Prepare to Fall under
her spell!