My First Pride Story

This year I attended my first ever Pride as an ally. I have struggled a lot with myself and opening up to who I truly am.

I come from a small town, that is based around their religious and conservative views. To even say you’re an ally of the community gave you dirty looks, never mind if you actually were apart of the community.

I remember when I first started at my high school (holds grades 7-12) a girl in the grade above me asked me if my sister was a lesbian, based on the way she dresses and her hair and the way she acted. Me, being a small seventh grader, was so embarrassed that I got asked that. That’s when I started to keep my opinions on the LGBTQ community to myself. I was so scared that if I talked about it or even was wanting to learn about it people would label me as a lesbian too. Around grade 9, I started to open up more on certain views I had. A new teacher had came to our school and was open to discussing the issues that surround the LGBTQ community instead of dismissing the conversation like other teachers had.

I started to understand that people outside of this small town will not care that I am an ally of the LGBTQ community. I don’t care anymore if people will label me as gay or a lesbian or bisexual just because I care about the community. I feel it’s important for me to be open with what I believe in and things I want to change.

This year going to Pride, was a big step for me. I didn’t hide the fact that I went. I posted pictures on my Snapchat story and I only got one ignorant comment. I’m excited for Pride 2019!