2018 Community Feature: Stoli

It should never be taken for granted the privilege of being able to stand proudly with any organization that celebrates the diversity of our communities by loudly and clearly showcasing the beauty of living as one’s authentic self.  As an organization that strives to raise the bar for all, it is of particular pride for Stoli Group to sponsor the 2018 Pride Winnipeg Festival.

As we reflect on this year’s theme of “My first Pride”, there are many firsts that come to our mind.  This year we celebrate in 2018 forty years since Harvey Milk assumed office as the first gay man to campaign-and then win-on a platform of equality, we are reminded that it is important to pay homage to those that paved the way in the past for the freedoms we enjoy today while keeping in mind that we are far from achieving equality for all.   It is this inspiration that serves as the foundation for our LGBT programs, including the 5th annual Stoli Key West Cocktail Classic, the world’s largest LGBT bartender celebration which honors the legacy of gay bars as original community centers and safe spaces, and the bar stars who continue to raise the bar today.    Through our Heroes of Diversity video series, we strive to showcase individuals who, by living their lives authentically and unapologetically, are achieving remarkable things while encouraging others to do the same.  And we loudly and clearly are most proud this year by continue to support LGBT communities across Canada.

Thank you for the opportunity to gain new inspiration via our sponsorship with Pride Winnipeg, and please visit www.HeroesRaisingtheBar.com to learn more about Stoli Group’s continuing commitment to “Raising the Bar”.


Sincerely and thanks,

Patrik Gallineaux

North American LGBT Manager and Ambassador for Stoli Group