2018 Community Feature: Samantha James Hair Design

Samantha James Hair Design is a boutique hair salon in the heart of Saint Boniface.

Owners, Samantha and James, opened this salon with the goal to have fun doing what they love and create the best experience for each individual that steps through their door.

James, has been a proud member of the LGBTTQA* community for over 15 years and thankful for everything it has given him.  “I was the only ‘out’ kid in high school so going to the Pride Parade gave me the opportunity to meet others like me in a safe space. It was such an amazing, positive experience and now it’s my turn to give back so that it can keep growing.”

There has been so much support and love over the years which has allowed for people to feel safe and open about themselves and who they are as a person.

And although we have made great strides as a society, there is still a long way to go and we need to continue pushing for the equality everyone deserves.  The smallest action can have the greatest impact, so never give up fighting for what is right.

Happy Pride Week from the Samantha James Hair Design team!!!

Nous vous souhaitons une bonne semaine de la Fierté !!!

Stay fabulous!