2018 Community Feature: Tweed

At Tweed, we don’t just want to spark a conversation about an often-stigmatized plant, we also want to continue the discussion about human rights that the Pride movement has been an important part of for  decades. As Canada inches closer to the legalization of recreational cannabis, we can’t help but consider the strong ties between the medical cannabis movement and the LGBTTQ* community. For instance, did you know that LGBTTQ* activists were a powerful force behind some of the earliest efforts to decriminalize cannabis? That’s right, but this shared vision isn’t the only thing we have in common. The LGBTTQ* community prides itself on important things like social activism, inclusiveness, progress and community development – and we’re proud that these same values run to our core as a company and are built into everything we do.

That’s why we will always march alongside you with Pride.