My First Pride Story

My parents were out at the lake during the day and they had no idea I was going to pride because I was too scared to tell them I was gay and wanted to go to the festival. I ended up going with a friend of mine not knowing what to expect from my first pride. When I got there I felt immediate vibes of happiness and acceptance coming from everyone there. Seeing all the different companies, schools, organizations and groups In the parade showed me all the support that was coming from all across our city. While I was at the festival I decided to buy a large rainbow flag to remember my first ever pride. When I got home that evening and my parents were back from the lake I decided to walk into their room with my huge rainbow flag and throw it at them while saying “taste the rainbow”. It took them a minute to realize that I was coming out to them, but when they caught on they couldn’t have been prouder of me. Pride gave me the confidence to fully accept myself and not be afraid to share this part of who I am. It was the best experience I have ever had and has made me so proud to be in the lgbt community.