My First Pride Story

I went to my first Pride event a long time ago. I felt so free as soon as I was there and wanted to let go of all the lies that I was living. I am a 46 year old intersex individual. Pride looks passed this. To them it was just a word. I was walking with Rainbow Centre and I came out as lesbian at first because I had no idea what intersex was. I want to thank all who helped me be who I am and become an outstanding person. One person asked me what intersex meant and after explaining, still treated me as a human. He is a wise person who told me not to run away and to come to Pride. We all go to Pride not because of our sexuality, we go to Pride to speak and become more wise. All days are Pride days. We dress up, go by ourselves, we walk, dance, take our kids, or free to express our disAbilities without judgement. We are humans, we stand up. To walk is to share freedom. As we walk and stroll inn our wheel chair in hand, we allow the world to see what they don’t see. We tell ourselves or who is beside us to not fear your thoughts anymore. We all stand together for Pride.  Thank you Brad West.