2018 Community Feature: MGEU

The Manitoba Government and General Employees’ Union is a progressive, democratic union representing 40,000 working Manitobans, making it the largest union in the province. The MGEU is committed to improving the working lives of all of its diverse members and all Manitobans. Achieving equality for all continues to be a large part of that work.

For decades now, the MGEU has been working for equality and human rights for each and every one of us here in Manitoba. Our Equality and Human Rights Committee strives to promote opportunity for all citizens to live, learn, work and socialize as equals, with dignity and respect for each other. That’s why we’re committed to sponsoring Pride Winnipeg, as well as supporting other Pride events throughout the province. We know the struggle for equality is a long and difficult road.

Let’s take this wonderful opportunity to celebrate and promote the LGBTTQ!* community, and with this be living proof that though we are all unique, embracing one another and standing united means we can never be defeated. Let’s never forget that every person has the right not just to feel safe, but to be recognized for all they are, and all they have to offer our great province.

Congratulations on 31 years of Pride Winnipeg!