My First Pride Story

My first pride took place in 2006,in 2005 I start my transtion to start living full time as female.And I thought it was time to come out public as Rhiannon Martin.At the time I was member of Masquerade ;we had float and truck for Pride.On Sunday morning we all meet at Legislative grounds so get on on our Masquerade float and we all dress to show ourselves to Pride Crowd.So the truck and float start move with other Pride floats.At time we were behind the Club 200 float with Drag Queens and the dance males to they music.As the floats start move out the Legislative grounds and on to Broadway. As We were on Broadway we start to wave to all the crowd who come out to celebrate Pride.I as I was wave to everyone watch the parade,I so proud of who and people on sideways as they watch us go by.There were people who say unnice things to all of us as the Parade went by ,but we just did not pay they much mind.The start and end going back to Legislative grounds.We get off the float and check what was on Memorial Blvd when a lot information and resources ,food trucks and stage .I look around meet a lot people I know in LBGT2SQ+ Community. Plus I took in the shows on the stage.After the day I went home and proud of myself celebrate my first Pride as Transgender female.