My First Pride Story

I am a Proud mom to a transgendered young adult!! and I say that with a big smile 🙂 The very first time I attended pride was back in 2012..I was not sure what to expect and I was nervous about attending. The request came directly from my eldest child who is an adult now. I wasn’t sure if I would be welcomed as an ally but who would know unless I stated so. I knew by the look in my son’s eyes that it meant the world to him with me being there in support of him. We watched the parade from the side lines and I was amazed with the beautiful floats and many people. What made this very special to me was seeing how happy he was being with his friends and introducing me. I never felt so welcomed! Many years later and the pride parade has become an annual event we all attend and enjoy! Thank you Pride Winnipeg for supporting the community <3