My First Pride Story

My first pride happened in June 2016. I had already come out to my parents and it was my last month of high school. The first day I went was the day before the parade, so I wandered around The Forks by myself until I finally found some friends from school. It was a great experience, hanging around, enjoying the music, meeting new people I wouldn’t have met otherwise. I even got a number for a guy that day. The day of the parade was even more special. It was a magical feeling, watching the floats go by then following behind all the floats and making my way down to the Forks market again with the friends I had from the other day. Long story short, if you are doubting if you want to head down to the Pride festival, do it. It’s something that doesn’t happen to often and it makes great memories. PS: at Pride 2017 I got messaged from Adam Levine’s brother to ‘hang out’, but I was too chicken and backed down.