My First Pride Story

My first pride was The first one; back in 1986(?) and though I am uncertain of the year I do remember being scared. Afraid of society’s rejection; uncertain of our police force intentions and still coming to terms with my own admission of being queer, odd, a little light in the loafers. This was no celebration; it was an act of defiance. It was refreshing to see I was not alone and that others had come to grips with their sexuality without acting out was the beginning of more real healing than any of the psychiatric appointments the courts had ordered me to. After surviving through so much for so long it is great to see the turn out now! I hope that folks in today’s world never feel so profoundly alone as I did before realizing I am/we are part of something which can and is changing the World; or just fitting into the capitism of profit and marginalizing minorities and blaming “others”