The Resurgence Fund has been created in order to provide financial support to community groups to host their own event or lead an initiative during the 30th Anniversary of the Pride Winnipeg Festival that helps increase the visibility of traditionally socially excluded groups or promotes diversity and inclusiveness amongst the LGBTTQ* community. Examples of traditionally socially excluded groups include but are not limited to: Female identified, Trans-identified, Queer and Trans People of Colour, Indigenous or Two-Spirited, Seniors (55+), people living with disabilities, non-binary, etc.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Community groups led by individuals from a traditionally socially excluded group with a clearly articulated non-profit mandate/purpose that supports the promotion of diversity and inclusiveness of the LGBTTQ* community.  The community group is not required to be an incorporated non-profit organization.

What types of Events/Initiatives Can We Support?

  • An event or gathering during the 30th Anniversary of the Pride Winnipeg Festival (May 26-June 4) that is open to the public and promotes the diversity and inclusiveness of the LGBTTQ* community.
    • Eligible event expenses include facility rental fees, fees charged by local artists and DJs for entertainment, event décor, etc.
  • An initiative during the 30th Anniversary of the Pride Winnipeg Festival (May 26-June 4) that is intended to raise awareness of diversity and inclusiveness issues amongst of the LGBTTQ* community.
    • Eligible initiatives include Parade entry decoration supplies, signage, website development expenses, promotional materials to be posted/distributed at the Pride Winnipeg Parade and Rally or Festival at the Forks, etc.
  • The following expenses are not eligible: for profit or fundraising activities, illegal activities, food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments, initiatives that have the goal of promoting a specific political party or religious belief, initiatives that go against the mission and purpose of Pride Winnipeg Festival Inc.

How Much Funding Can You Apply For?

  • Pride Winnipeg will be awarding funding requests between $200 and $500 until the Resurgence Fund is fully expended.
  • For individuals or groups without a Board of Directors, Pride Winnipeg will award funds through reimbursement of incurred expenses with an associated receipt or will pay the service provider directly (e.g. facility, artist/DJ, etc.). Pride Winnipeg will not provide upfront funding directly to an individual.
  • Due to a limited Resurgence Fund budget, not all events and initiatives that apply for funding will receive support.

How Will Funding Applications Be Selected?

Applications will be reviewed by a small committee comprised of Pride Winnipeg Board Members and volunteers. An assessment of the applications will be made based on the strength of the application form submitted and the best fit with the purpose and eligibility criteria of the Resurgence Fund. The committee may choose to support only a portion of your funding request.

While we will attempt to provide funding to as many applicants as possible, we acknowledge that we may not be able to support all events/initiatives due to a limited budget. For events and initiatives that fit the purpose and eligibility criteria and that we are not able to support or that need additional funds to execute, we may refer your application for funding to another community organization that may be disbursing grants to celebrate the Pride Winnipeg 30th anniversary.

How Do I Apply for Funding

To apply for funding, please provide us with a document (maximum of 2 pages)  via email to community@pridewinnipeg.com that answers the following questions:

Organizational Background

  • Describe your community group, including its purpose and its membership.

Event/Initiative Description

  • Describe your event or initiative.
  • Tell us how your community group and event/initiative aligns with the purpose of the Resurgence Fund.
  • For events, please tell us how you plan to promote it within the community and what your anticipated attendance numbers.
  • For initiatives, please tell us how many people will be involved and how you plan on making it visible to the community.
  • How will you determine if your event/initiative is a success?


  • Provide us with your event or initiative budget (include the full budget, even if expenses exceed the amount we are able to award)
    • If the total budget exceeds $500, specify which expenses you would like the Resurgence Fund to support.
    • Include quotes or receipts for eligible expenses.
  • If applicable:
    • What is your group’s annual budget and where does it currently receive its funding?
    • How does your group currently manage funds? For example, does your group have an appointed treasurer or finance committee and does your organization have a dedicated bank account?

What is the Deadline to Apply?

The application deadline is April 15, 2017 and successful applicants will be notified by April 30, 2017.

Please email your application to community@pridewinnipeg.com.