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This year’s Pride 25, is about the people who were part of the City of Winnipeg, the Province of Manitoba and the Canadian human rights movement, knowingly or unknowingly, as members of the Gay community for the last 25 years. The objective of Pride 25 is realizing 25 years of advancement, from possible exclusion from […]

25th Anniversary – Growing with Pride

As this year’s Pride Board sets up for Winnipeg’s milestone event, it is faced with a similar conundrum Winnipeg is facing itself. How big are we? Is Pride Winnipeg a ‘big’ city event and if so, how big an event should we be? How do we manage the growth of the last two years? Pride […]

Join the 25th Anniversary Pride Team

The 25th Anniversary of the Pride Winnipeg Festival is approaching and we are looking for fresh faces and new energy to join our team. If you are interested in joining our 100% volunteer board of directors or coordinator team, please contact us by email at Below are a list of positions we have available: