Jason Dalton Achievement Award in Volunteerism

Each year, pending funding availability, Pride Winnipeg will present the Jason Dalton Achievement Award to a deserving member of the community who is currently in post-secondary education and exhibits extraordinary achievements and contribution to the LGBTTQ* community through volunteerism.

Jason’s Story

Jason Daniel DaltonJason Daniel Dalton was born on October 1, 1996. The youngest of five children, Jason was loved and encouraged throughout his life by his entire family. Even when he was just a toddler, Jason was so full of love and life and wanted to share that with anyone and everyone. Constantly finding new friends on the playground, in the classroom, and even in the supermarket. Jason was never ashamed of who he was or who his friends were. He loved unconditionally.

Being diagnosed with epilepsy at the young age of seven, Jason was no stranger to adversity. He never let his medical condition hold him back and otherwise had an engaging and full childhood. When Jason was only 14 years old he came out to his family. His family thought “better late than never” and encouraged him and supported him when he needed it most. In grade ten he created Eastview Secondary School’s first Gay-Straight Alliance, which sought to unite youth and create a dialogue. Thus, sparked Jason’s passion for helping his community. He regularly volunteered with the Kiwanis Club of Barrie, and he also spent much of his free time volunteering with Rogers, helping to broadcast local sporting events in the community. Jason also volunteered for the local youth theatre by controlling lighting and sound for many performances. Jason ultimately volunteered for Winnipeg Pride and took a plane for the first time in his life to travel to Winnipeg. He really enjoyed this trip and felt very “grown up’” when he arrived home. His work in Winnipeg drove his desire to help other Prides around Canada. Jason was planning to help out with Chattam Pride, Toronto Pride and Pride Winnipeg again throughout the year. Jason graduated from Barrie North Collegiate with a Specialist High Skills Major in Broadcasting and his dream was to move to Toronto and attend Humber College.

When Jason wasn’t at home, he was helping people, loving people, and supporting people. It made him feel a sense of pride when he was able to be doing something good in his community. Most importantly is that the love and energy Jason poured out to the community he got right back from him family and friends. Sadly, Jason passed on July 2, 2016 due to complications from a seizure. However, the love that Jason shared with his community, his friends, and his family still surrounds them, and is work with community volunteerism will encourage supporters of the community into the future.

How to Nominate

The nomination form requires details about the volunteer’s type of achievement, type of involvement and level of impact on the community.

Type of achievement: Describe the significant contributions or participation made by the volunteer designed to improve the quality of life.
Type of involvement: Describe the volunteer’s participation.
Level of impact on the community: Describe the ways the community has benefited from the volunteer.

Please include any other information you believe is relevant. Only Manitoba residents are eligible for an award. The nomination form must be filled out electronically and emailed back to Pride Winnipeg at scholarship@pridewinnipeg.com.


Who is a volunteer?

You probably already know a volunteer, a friend or neighbour, who is always there ready to help someone in the LGBBTQ* community. For example, someone who:

• raises money for activities;

• helps in the school/institution;

• provides food for needy members of the community;

• preserves and teaches the rights of community members;

• helps those who are less able to take care of themselves; or

• volunteers at LGBTTQ* events such as Pride Winnipeg Festival.

How do we say thank you?

Volunteers improve our quality of life and strive to make our communities better places to live. We want to thank them for their work. The Jason Dalton Achievement Award is a great way to say thank you to the selfless individuals who give their time to our communities. Recipients receive $200.00 towards their post-secondary education paid directly to the institution to which they are enrolled.

How does the awards program work?

Anybody can nominate an individual whose voluntary work strengthens and enriches life for members of the LGBTTQ* community.

Judging Criteria

The evaluation guideline includes, but is not limited to:

  • The duration (minimum of 20 hours) and impact of the volunteerism;
  • The number of years, months, and approximate number of volunteer hours the nominee committed to the activity;
  • The uniqueness and inclusiveness (involving others) of the nominee’s contributions and commitments;
  • Their leadership role in the community or organization; and
  • The challenges and/or barriers the nominee had to overcome in order to achieve their goal.

Download a Nomination Form

Only Manitoba residents are eligible for an award. Managing members of Pride Winnipeg or their direct family members are not eligible to apply. Any recipient of any Pride Winnipeg Award or Scholarship within the last 2 years is not eligible to apply.