Join Our Team

Contribute to the Pride Festival, support the community, and have fun!

The Pride Winnipeg Festival is not possible without YOU! Without the dedication of The Board, the Pride Winnipeg Festival would not be realized on the scale that it has grown to. The Pride Winnipeg Board exists to serve the members of the community by dedicating their time to plan, account, run and create the Pride Winnipeg Festival. The Board is comprised of Officers and Directors, whom lead a team of Coordinators and Managers.

By serving on the Pride Winnipeg Board you will be assisting in creating one of the best Pride festivals in Canada! You will gain invaluable experience, expand your personal portfolio, volunteer for a great cause, make friends and have fun along the way!

Pride Winnipeg is committed to being a diverse, inclusive, safe and accessible Organization. To assist with this commitment, we encourage individuals from traditionally socially excluded groups such as indigenous, two-spirit, female-identified, trans-identified, queer and trans people of colour, 55+, and persons with accessibility challenges to apply for the positions below.

Please submit all applications including resume and reasons you are interested in applying for the below volunteer position(s) to

NOTE: Relevant volunteer, education, training and previous board experience will assist the strength of your resume, but is not required.

Board Opportunities

Vice-President, Stakeholder Relations

  • Strengthens relationships between Pride Winnipeg and its various community partners.
  • Develops and guides the Organization’s communication strategy through stakeholder engagement.
  • Seeks opportunities to collaborate with and support community organizations.
  • Provides guidance and leadership for the Marketing, Sales, Social Media and Public Relations teams.
  • This position reports to the President.

Parade & Rally Director

  • Responsible for the planning and execution of the annual Rally at the Legislative Assembly, and Pride Parade.
  • Ensures that all participants in the Rally & Parade are safe and secure.
  • Collects parade entry registrations and manages all applicable fees and payments.
  • Arranges required permits and reservations for the Parade & Rally.
  • This position reports to the Vice-President, Programming.

Advertising & Promotions Director

  • Conducts ongoing market analysis through surveys, focus groups, and other market research initiatives.
  • Provides advise and guidance on community demand for programming and products.
  • Reviews and tracks various marketing metrics to ensure marketing activities are meeting goals and targets.
  • Ensures branding is consistent throughout all marketing activities and external communications.
  • This position reports to the Vice-President, Marketing.

Public Relations Director

  • Creates, implements and measures the success of a comprehensive communications and public relations program.
  • Ensures articulation of Organization’s desired image and position, assures consistent communication of image and position throughout the Organization, and assures communication of image and position to all constituencies, both internal and external,
  • Maintains, operates and manages the Organization’s website and eNewsletter, and takes the lead on Organization editorial content for the website, social media postings and publications.
  • Coordinates media interest in the Organization and ensure regular contact with target media and appropriate response to media requests.
  • Acts as the Organization’s representative with the media when the President is unavailable.
  • This position reports to the Vice-President, Stakeholder Relations.

Coordinator Opportunities

Accessibility Coordinator

  • Ensures that events planned by the organization meet the accessibility needs of the community.
  • Assists the Safety & Accessibility Director in ensuring that Pride Winnipeg remains a safe and accessible organization.
  • Develops and implements the organization’s accessibility plans.
  • Advises the Board on accessibility best practices and policy.
  • This position report to the Safety & Accessibility Director.

Community Relations Coordinator

  • Liaises with community partners, acting as a contact point between the organization and partner organizations.
  • Collaborates with community partners on special projects as required.
  • Works with the social media and marketing teams to promote and support community partners.
  • This position report to the Vice-President, Stakeholder Relations.

Website Coordinator

  • Publishes content and maintains the brand identity of Pride Winnipeg through its websites.
  • Optimizes navigation, increases online presence, and maximizes website traffic through SEO/analytics.
  • Works with the Communications and Marketing team to execute tasks proficiently.
  • Preforms monthly or bi-weekly off-site backup of entire site and database, and manages and maintains all site passwords securely and safely.
  • Cleans, updates, and formats site content, graphics, photos, and other layout elements as needed.
  • Manages hosting account, and domain registrar account.
  • This position report to the Public Relations Director.

Executive Assistant

  • Assists with the scheduling and coordination of all meetings.
  • Develops and maintains an effective filing systems within SharePoint.
  • Conducts research when requested to do so.
  • Constructs and collaborates on all administrative policies and processes.
  • Meets with individuals, special interest groups and others on behalf of the Officer.
  • Supports and collaborates with any other administrative volunteers.