Community Feature: Oh Doughnuts

Oh Doughnuts has the fantastic distinction of being LGBT* owned and operated, with about half of our staff identifying as LGBT*. Many of us have relied on Pride week to feel surrounded by love and acceptance, and we are overwhelmed by joy to be able to support such a happy and inclusive event. Winnipeg Pride is so important for our LGBT* community as it provides a safe and supportive gathering opportunity for everyone. Manitoba can be conservative and insular, making it difficult for our friends in need to find acceptance and allies. Winnipeg Pride provides a great opportunity for everyone in our community to connect and see that we aren’t alone.

As witnessed last year in Steinbach, our supportive community is just one of our strengths. There is always room to promote awareness and acceptance, and this year is no different. Steinbach will host their 2nd Pride March on July 15th and we couldn’t be prouder to be part of a community that transcends borders and backgrounds to support each other.

On this 30th anniversary of Winnipeg Pride, everyone here at Oh Doughnuts encourages you to celebrate yourselves, celebrate our differences and support those who are making LGBT* inclusive spaces.

We’ll see you for pride doughnuts before the parade.

Happy Pride from everyone at Oh Doughnuts!

Community Feature: Birchwood BMW

At Birchwood BMW, we believe in living your ultimate life – the life you choose to live. We embrace and celebrate diverse communities, which is why we are proud sponsors of The 2017 Pride Winnipeg Festival.

Birchwood BMW stands by what makes each and every individual authentic, as all individuals create and contribute to our society. In order to make the most of our community and our lives, we must unite and support one another.

Standing together creates a strong community and Birchwood BMW is proud to stand with Pride Winnipeg and all others in celebrating the LGBTTQ community.

Community Feature: Out’n About Travel

Out’n About Travel is proud to be part of the 30th Anniversary Pride Winnipeg Festival.

Out’n About Travel has and continues to support various Pride events and LGBTTQ* communities since 1994. As a gay businesswoman I knew the importance of having a safe, inclusive environment to help with our communities’ travel needs.  Over time the company has grown and my team and I understand the value of smart and sensitive service for our diverse community. We serve the LGBTTQ* community with integrity and dignity.

Over time, Out ‘n About Travel has evolved into a boutique agency whose clients span the corporate and individual market, and includes a commitment to meeting the needs of the LGBTTQ* community.

We are proud to be Canada’s first LGBT Supplier Diversity Certified travel agency. Please feel free to ask us about this.

Our mission has always been to offer a safe and comfortable place for our diverse clientele.  The  LGBTTQ*  travel experience is vaster then ever before and our community of travellers are  looking for more than “the only gay travel experience”.

More and more travel suppliers are specializing in luxury, adventure, family, wedding and off the beaten path destinations for the LGBTTQ* traveller. Our world has evolved and there are no one-size fits all when it comes to the LGBTTQ* travel world. With over 30 years travel experience we are here to help manage your LGBTTQ* travel expectations. Let us be your trusted partner!

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For more information on Out’n About Travel please visit

Community Feature: The University of Manitoba

I am proud that this year the University of Manitoba is participating as an official sponsor in the Winnipeg Pride Festival. I invite and encourage all members of the university community, including our alumni, to engage in this vibrant event in support of the LGBTTQ* community.

The Pride festival’s 2016 theme is Be Authentic. I know that within the University of Manitoba community, our students, staff and faculty are committed to allyship and maintaining a welcoming work and learning environment. Many members of the University of Manitoba family count themselves with pride as members of the LGBTTQ* community. As well, across many disciplines, researchers and scholars are exploring LGBTTQ* themes on an ongoing basis.

Ours is undeniably a meaningful and authentic engagement with this subject, helping generate deeper understanding of complex and emerging issues, and I invite everyone – during this week and throughout the year – to explore our faculty’s rich scholarly output on the subject.

Beginning on Monday, May 30, and throughout Pride Week, the Pride flag will be raised and flown on both campuses. To find out more about the many activities happening on our campuses, visit Members of LGBTTQ* communities and allies are welcome to join us in showing their pride and support of inclusion and diversity.

This is our opportunity to be authentic and take our place in support of this important community celebration.

David T. Barnard, President and Vice-Chancellor

Community Feature: Lives Well Lived

The MGEU Equality and Human Rights Committee strives to promote opportunity for all citizens to live, learn, work and socialize  as equals, with dignity and respect for each other. That’s why we’re committed to sponsoring Pride Winnipeg, as well as supporting other Pride events throughout the province. We embrace that which makes each of us a unique reflection of the image of our Creator.  

After all, without diversity, the world would be a rather dull and bleak canvas. By celebrating and promoting diversity, we splash a rainbow of colours and the result is a more vibrant, eclectic, inspiring and scenic vista of life and freedom.

 Our desire is to be living proof that though we may be different, embracing one another and standing united means we can never be defeated.  In solidarity and diversity, we build better foundations for lives well lived!

James Price, MGEU Equality and Human Rights Committee member

Community Feature: Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries

For more than a decade Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries (originally through the Manitoba Liquor Control Commission), has been supporting the LGBTTQ* community in numerous ways. It first began with support for the Rainbow Resource Centre’s annual Swish Gala and has grown into multiple areas of rainbow support, including being a Gold Partner for the 2016 Pride Winnipeg Festival.

“We have a responsibility to the community,” says Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries CEO, John Stinson, pointing out that the responsibility is more than just the support for outside events, it’s also about fostering a safe and inclusive work environment and tailoring offerings for the LGBTTQ* community.

Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries has grown aware in recent years of the needs of LGBTTQ* individuals. On the inside they have made serious strides forward to ensuring they are a welcoming employer, have zero-tolerance policies, and are in the process of developing an LGBTTQ* staff group. On the outside they’re furthering their commitment by providing gender-neutral washrooms at the casinos and at their corporate offices, ensuring that anyone concerned about heading out to a casino parking lot will be accompanied by security personnel, and by promoting products that might be popular with LGBTTQ* folks at their liquor markets during Pride Week such as Half Pints Queer Beer.

However, based on what Stinson is seeing, there is a lot more that can be done. Areas of interest are the community events and events that take place outside of the Pride Festival. “We need to leverage more fundraising events, big and small,” says Stinson. “These events need our support.” Stinson views these events as not only being important to the community but also helping Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries reach other segments.

“Apart from being able to say ‘Bottoms Up,’ we really want people to tell us what they want,” says Stinson. “Please don’t be afraid to engage with us. We need the thoughts and ideas of the LGBTTQ* community to help us serve you the best we can.”

*Please enjoy Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries’ products and services responsibly.

Community Feature: OUTtv

OUTtv Network has been involved with Pride Winnipeg for a number of years. We have been delighted to work with such a committed and passionate in promoting Winnipeg’s successful Pride Festival. As Canada’s national LGBTQ TV network, OUTtv is committed to building relationships across the country. And it’s been a pleasure to be a media partner with the Pride Winnipeg team. They’re professional, creative and upbeat, and we look forward every year to working as a media partner with Manitoba’s premiere Pride organization. We’re wishing you another successful Pride – here’s to a great 2016 Festival and thanks for letting us be part of the Pride Winnipeg family!