2018 Community Feature: TD Bank

Happy Pride, Winnipeg!

 As a proud supporter of the LGBTQ2+ community for more than a decade, TD is thrilled to support the 2018 Pride Winnipeg Festival and help drive change to create a more inclusive society.

At TD, we recently launched The Ready Commitment, our new Global Corporate Citizenship platform which is helping open doors to a more inclusive tomorrow where everyone has the confidence in what tomorrow brings and feels connected to their community.

Embracing diversity and respecting one another is something we all strive for and, as a result, TD is a place where people are encouraged to bring their whole selves to work each and every day and feel supported no matter who they are.

Today, we have more than 3,000 passionate LGBTQ2+ employees and allies in our employee resource groups, and support over 160 LGBTQ2+ community initiatives and 83 Pride festivals across North America.

Our commitment to connecting communities builds on our history of supporting the LGBTQ2+ community over the years. And we will continue to make strides to ensure that everyone feels included and welcome, and that their voices are being heard.

From coast-to-coast, our long-lasting partnership with Pride Winnipeg, and other festivals, embodies exactly what The Ready Commitment is all about.

Thank you to all of the organizers, dedicated volunteers and thousands of Winnipeggers who make Pride Winnipeg a huge success.


 Happy Pride!


Robert Ghazal

Senior Vice President, Prairie Region

TD Bank Group

2018 Community Feature: CBC Manitoba

CBC Manitoba is proud to celebrate and participate in the Pride of the Prairies, Pride Winnipeg Festival. As the country’s national public broadcaster, CBC/Radio-Canada is woven into the fabric of the country, rooted in the communities we serve and committed to sharing stories as Canadians live them, each and every day.

CBC Manitoba exists to make a difference where we live and all across the country. That’s why we invest in community events with non-profit groups through partnerships, such as Pride Winnipeg.

We are committed to reaching new and diverse audiences, while fostering a shared understanding about each other and a deeper sense of belonging.

Whether it’s people’s passions, challenges, hopes or aspirations, we strive to build a stronger community through storytelling. We help Manitobans connect with each other, be more informed and more curious about their province, country and world through trusted, relevant, responsive and original content.

Happy Pride from everyone at CBC Manitoba and congratulations on year number 31!

2018 Community Feature: Adam & Eve

The store owners and staff here at Adam and Eve are so pleased to support PRIDE.  We feel that so many people in the GLBT2TQ* community have supported our mission in creating a welcoming, sex positive space in Winnipeg and we want to honor that level of commitment.  “My First Pride” is a brilliant way of learning more about each other and acknowledging what each individual person faces when coming out to their community. We have been listening to people’s stories in our space and now we have also been able to read people’s stories online. Thank you for sharing your unique journey with us.

We want to support and celebrate the strength and resilience each of you have demonstrated time and time again.  At the end of the day we are a community that is beautiful, diverse and full of pride.  We are proud to be inter connected and want to celebrate your spirit amidst such adversity.  As G. Takei has gracefully stated and we here at Adam and Eve fully embrace   “We should indeed keep calm in the face of difference and live our lives in a state of inclusion and wonder at the diversity of humanity.”

Warm regards,

Rosa Colavito-Palao

2018 Community Feature: Stoli

It should never be taken for granted the privilege of being able to stand proudly with any organization that celebrates the diversity of our communities by loudly and clearly showcasing the beauty of living as one’s authentic self.  As an organization that strives to raise the bar for all, it is of particular pride for Stoli Group to sponsor the 2018 Pride Winnipeg Festival.

As we reflect on this year’s theme of “My first Pride”, there are many firsts that come to our mind.  This year we celebrate in 2018 forty years since Harvey Milk assumed office as the first gay man to campaign-and then win-on a platform of equality, we are reminded that it is important to pay homage to those that paved the way in the past for the freedoms we enjoy today while keeping in mind that we are far from achieving equality for all.   It is this inspiration that serves as the foundation for our LGBT programs, including the 5th annual Stoli Key West Cocktail Classic, the world’s largest LGBT bartender celebration which honors the legacy of gay bars as original community centers and safe spaces, and the bar stars who continue to raise the bar today.    Through our Heroes of Diversity video series, we strive to showcase individuals who, by living their lives authentically and unapologetically, are achieving remarkable things while encouraging others to do the same.  And we loudly and clearly are most proud this year by continue to support LGBT communities across Canada.

Thank you for the opportunity to gain new inspiration via our sponsorship with Pride Winnipeg, and please visit www.HeroesRaisingtheBar.com to learn more about Stoli Group’s continuing commitment to “Raising the Bar”.


Sincerely and thanks,

Patrik Gallineaux

North American LGBT Manager and Ambassador for Stoli Group

2018 Community Feature: Samantha James Hair Design

Samantha James Hair Design is a boutique hair salon in the heart of Saint Boniface.

Owners, Samantha and James, opened this salon with the goal to have fun doing what they love and create the best experience for each individual that steps through their door.

James, has been a proud member of the LGBTTQA* community for over 15 years and thankful for everything it has given him.  “I was the only ‘out’ kid in high school so going to the Pride Parade gave me the opportunity to meet others like me in a safe space. It was such an amazing, positive experience and now it’s my turn to give back so that it can keep growing.”

There has been so much support and love over the years which has allowed for people to feel safe and open about themselves and who they are as a person.

And although we have made great strides as a society, there is still a long way to go and we need to continue pushing for the equality everyone deserves.  The smallest action can have the greatest impact, so never give up fighting for what is right.

Happy Pride Week from the Samantha James Hair Design team!!!

Nous vous souhaitons une bonne semaine de la Fierté !!!

Stay fabulous!

2018 Community Feature: Tweed

At Tweed, we don’t just want to spark a conversation about an often-stigmatized plant, we also want to continue the discussion about human rights that the Pride movement has been an important part of for  decades. As Canada inches closer to the legalization of recreational cannabis, we can’t help but consider the strong ties between the medical cannabis movement and the LGBTTQ* community. For instance, did you know that LGBTTQ* activists were a powerful force behind some of the earliest efforts to decriminalize cannabis? That’s right, but this shared vision isn’t the only thing we have in common. The LGBTTQ* community prides itself on important things like social activism, inclusiveness, progress and community development – and we’re proud that these same values run to our core as a company and are built into everything we do.

That’s why we will always march alongside you with Pride.

2018 Community Feature: Old Dutch

Old Dutch first started in Winnipeg, Manitoba as a little chip company with a lot of heart. Soon, our tradition of making and delivering great-tasting snacks spread throughout all of Canada. Since 1954, our windmill has stood for quality and trust, old world charm, and a desire to create a long-lasting chip and snack tradition.

Ask anyone in Western Canada if they remember eating Old Dutch chips when they were little. They all remember—the Old Dutch windmill, the great-tasting chips and dips, the colourful characters on the bags, the Old Dutch taste they enjoyed growing up.

Old Dutch isn’t just about chips. We make great snacks and with this we have a social responsibility, which we take very seriously. We provide snacks with quality ingredients, and we encourage physical health through sports, active lifestyles and community events.

For over 60 years, we at Old Dutch have been a consistent leader in community support. We believe in giving back to our consumers. Old Dutch is a pillar of support in many communities, and we seek to develop our exceptional community efforts all across Canada.

Visit www.olddutchfoods.ca to learn more about our products and learn why, Quality Lives Here.

2018 Community Feature: Kinky Beverages

As a second-year sponsor, KINKY BEVERAGES is honored to once again be a part of a movement that exemplifies PRIDE in living the life YOU want.

We are extremely grateful to continue a partnership with the LGBTQ community to help create new positive experiences and celebrate the lives of every person.  Just as our brand represents diversity and unique individualism, KINKY BEVERAGES pridefully supports love and equality for everyone.


2018 Community Feature: QX104 & 94.3 The Drive

Today’s Country QX104 and Winnipeg’s Greatest Hits 94-3 The Drive are pleased to once again participate in the Pride Winnipeg Festival.

Whether you’re a member of the LGBTTQ community or an ally, Pride festivals are a powerful reminder of what’s been accomplished, and that there is still much more we all need to do. It’s a reminder to allies not to be silent, and that rights can never be taken for granted.

As part of the community we stand in solidarity with those making it stronger by promoting acceptance and love.

The Pride Winnipeg Festival helps unite our listeners, in a celebration of life, human rights and ultimately the right to love whoever we want. That is something everyone here at our radio stations feel is worth celebrating.

“In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Happy Pride from everyone at QX104 and 94-3 The Drive!

2018 Community Feature: University of Manitoba

I am pleased that the University of Manitoba is once again participating in the Pride Winnipeg Festival. I know that our students, staff and faculty are committed to contributing to diversity on our campuses and maintaining a welcoming work and learning environment. I invite all members of the University community, including our alumni, to engage in this event in support of the LGBT2SQ+ community.

The University supports a meaningful and authentic engagement with LGBT2SQ+ studies, helping generate deeper understanding of complex and emerging issues. Many within the University of Manitoba family count themselves as members of the LGBT2SQ+ community. As well, across many disciplines, researchers and scholars are exploring LGBT2SQ+ themes on an ongoing basis. These trailblazers are making outstanding contributions to their fields and establishing U of M as a leader in human rights research. As a statement of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, the Pride flag will be flying on our Fort Garry and Bannatyne campuses during Pride Week. To find out more about the many activities taking place at the U of M, visit umanitoba.ca/umqueer. We welcome members of LGBT2SQ+ communities and allies to join us in showing their support.

David T. Barnard, Ph.D.

President and Vice-Chancellor