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Accessibility at Pride Winnipeg

Accessibility at Pride Winnipeg By Melanie Ferris Planning your first trip to Pride during the first weekend of June? Everyone is welcome to attend, but you may be wondering about some of the steps Pride takes to ensure that events are accessible to people living with a variety of disabilities. All Pride Winnipeg ran sites […]

My First Pride Story

I was eased into Pride, because I started going before I even knew I was asexual. Back then it was just a fun party! After quietly coming out as asexual, my first Pride was so much more exciting. I wore the ace flag colours and got a thrill whenever I saw someone else wearing them. […]

2018 Community Feature: Adam & Eve

The store owners and staff here at Adam and Eve are so pleased to support PRIDE.  We feel that so many people in the GLBT2TQ* community have supported our mission in creating a welcoming, sex positive space in Winnipeg and we want to honor that level of commitment.  “My First Pride” is a brilliant way […]

2018 Community Feature: Stoli

It should never be taken for granted the privilege of being able to stand proudly with any organization that celebrates the diversity of our communities by loudly and clearly showcasing the beauty of living as one’s authentic self.  As an organization that strives to raise the bar for all, it is of particular pride for […]

My First Pride Story

Since my first botched coming out 15 years ago I’ve grappled with shame and fear, but I’m too profoundly tired of hiding to do it any longer. This year I’m joining the trans march to be counted and heard. I’ll do this knowing that I have the full support of my partner and the closest […]

2018 Community Feature: Samantha James Hair Design

Samantha James Hair Design is a boutique hair salon in the heart of Saint Boniface. Owners, Samantha and James, opened this salon with the goal to have fun doing what they love and create the best experience for each individual that steps through their door. James, has been a proud member of the LGBTTQA* community […]

My First Pride Story

I haven’t had a first pride. It has never seemed like my scene. It’s probably still not my scene. I don’t like crowds, sun, or parties very much. Not when they’re not accompanied by loud punk rock and a circle pit, anyways. But this time two years ago, I was pretty sure I was straight. […]

2018 Community Feature: Tweed

At Tweed, we don’t just want to spark a conversation about an often-stigmatized plant, we also want to continue the discussion about human rights that the Pride movement has been an important part of for  decades. As Canada inches closer to the legalization of recreational cannabis, we can’t help but consider the strong ties between […]

2018 Community Feature: Old Dutch

Old Dutch first started in Winnipeg, Manitoba as a little chip company with a lot of heart. Soon, our tradition of making and delivering great-tasting snacks spread throughout all of Canada. Since 1954, our windmill has stood for quality and trust, old world charm, and a desire to create a long-lasting chip and snack tradition. […]