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2018 Community Feature: TD Bank

Happy Pride, Winnipeg!  As a proud supporter of the LGBTQ2+ community for more than a decade, TD is thrilled to support the 2018 Pride Winnipeg Festival and help drive change to create a more inclusive society. At TD, we recently launched The Ready Commitment, our new Global Corporate Citizenship platform which is helping open doors […]

My First Pride Story

This year I attended my first ever Pride as an ally. I have struggled a lot with myself and opening up to who I truly am. I come from a small town, that is based around their religious and conservative views. To even say you’re an ally of the community gave you dirty looks, never […]

My First Pride Story

I’m nearly 34. This has been my first year being open with myself about being bisexual. Before this year, I’d never attended Pride. I let social anxiety stop me from showing up as an ally. I almost let that anxiety get the better of me this year. I wanted to attend more than ever, because […]

My First Pride Story

My first Pride was today! 2018 will be my first full year being myself. I struggled with self acceptance, even now, but getting out there and seeing thousands of people all celebrating themselves was an incredible experience. I am just sad that it’s over and even more sad that I didn’t know there was more […]

My First Pride Story

My first time goin was fun and exciting and I can’t wait for more years to come even with my new gf she makes me happy

2018 Community Feature: CBC Manitoba

CBC Manitoba is proud to celebrate and participate in the Pride of the Prairies, Pride Winnipeg Festival. As the country’s national public broadcaster, CBC/Radio-Canada is woven into the fabric of the country, rooted in the communities we serve and committed to sharing stories as Canadians live them, each and every day. CBC Manitoba exists to make a difference […]

Accessibility at Pride Winnipeg

Accessibility at Pride Winnipeg By Melanie Ferris Planning your first trip to Pride during the first weekend of June? Everyone is welcome to attend, but you may be wondering about some of the steps Pride takes to ensure that events are accessible to people living with a variety of disabilities. All Pride Winnipeg ran sites […]

My First Pride Story

I was eased into Pride, because I started going before I even knew I was asexual. Back then it was just a fun party! After quietly coming out as asexual, my first Pride was so much more exciting. I wore the ace flag colours and got a thrill whenever I saw someone else wearing them. […]

2018 Community Feature: Adam & Eve

The store owners and staff here at Adam and Eve are so pleased to support PRIDE.  We feel that so many people in the GLBT2TQ* community have supported our mission in creating a welcoming, sex positive space in Winnipeg and we want to honor that level of commitment.  “My First Pride” is a brilliant way […]

2018 Community Feature: Stoli

It should never be taken for granted the privilege of being able to stand proudly with any organization that celebrates the diversity of our communities by loudly and clearly showcasing the beauty of living as one’s authentic self.  As an organization that strives to raise the bar for all, it is of particular pride for […]