Pride Winnipeg’s Statement on the Recent Announcement to Change Dates

We would like to thank everyone who was able to make it to the community meeting last night and express their views on the date change.

Pride Winnipeg is run by a good-intentioned group of volunteers but it is clear that in this case, we went about the date change decision in the wrong way and for that we apologize. We also apologize for the tone with which we communicated the date change on social media as well as how we communicated the purpose of the community meeting.

We value the views of everyone in the community and we did not intend on alienating or suppressing any voices on the date change matter.

In going forward, Pride Winnipeg is committing to continue our consultations to re-evaluate the date change and bearing in mind many groups that need to begin organizing Pride week events, our desire is to quickly communicate the outcomes of those discussions. Any future date changes will be thoroughly consulted before any decisions are made. We will also be posting in the coming days the notes from last night’s meeting for those who were not able to attend and ensure a more respectful tone in our communications going forward.

With sincerity and thanks to the wonderful and passionate community we have the privilege of serving,