Pride Winnipeg’s Environmental Sustainability Plan Announcement

At Pride Winnipeg, we know how important it is to work towards a better world for everyone and that we must keep the future in mind when we are making choices today. In celebration of Earth Day, we are excited to share a few of the steps we have taken to make the 30th Anniversary Pride Winnipeg Festival the greenest ever!

  1. This year, we are switching to compostable cups in the beverage tent. This allows us to dramatically reduce our use of petroleum-based plastic.
  1. All of the golf carts used for transportation around the festival site will be electric, replacing gas or diesel alternatives.
  1. We will be conducting a waste audit after the festival to gather data on recycling diversion so we know how we’re doing. This lets us do even better next year.
  1. For transportation, we have the most fuel-efficient vehicles from our sponsors and will drive them in eco-mode to save as much fuel as possible. Additionally, we will turn off our refrigerated truck several hours before the end of the festival to save on fuel consumption.
  1. We will be implementing sustainability training for all festival volunteers, along with adding new sustainability duties for our environmental volunteer team.

This is just a glimpse of what’s to come, so keep watching for more on our latest environmental initiatives. If you would like to recommend an environmental initiative or have questions with respect to our new Environmental Sustainability Plan, please email us at

Happy Earth Day!