Community Feature: ChangeMakers

Some of us are gay. Some of us are allies. All of us are proud that here, love is love.

 At ChangeMakers, we know that accepting diversity, embracing differences and celebrating uniqueness and individuality is essential to making our creative workplace thrive. More than that, it’s essential to making our city, our province and our world a better, brighter and more interesting place.

We love what we do because we know that our work can make a difference. We’re an internationally award-winning company renowned for our social marketing expertise and known for our ability to reach the hearts and minds of Manitobans to make change – hence our name. Our team of 21 marketing and communications experts have the skills and expertise to meet virtually all of our clients’ needs.

The goal of changing Manitobans’ attitudes and behaviours for the better is at the heart of all we do. And we are proud to show our support for a community event which has this same goal at its heart, too.

Celebrating the diverse LGBTTQ*community and experiencing its rich history and culture will go a long way in continuing to combat social stigma and discrimination. Our work won’t be finished until everyone is treated equally and with respect.

Love is love, and love will always win.

ChangeMakers is proud to be part of celebrating 30 years of pride.

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