Community Feature: Lives Well Lived

The MGEU Equality and Human Rights Committee strives to promote opportunity for all citizens to live, learn, work and socialize  as equals, with dignity and respect for each other. That’s why we’re committed to sponsoring Pride Winnipeg, as well as supporting other Pride events throughout the province. We embrace that which makes each of us a unique reflection of the image of our Creator.  

After all, without diversity, the world would be a rather dull and bleak canvas. By celebrating and promoting diversity, we splash a rainbow of colours and the result is a more vibrant, eclectic, inspiring and scenic vista of life and freedom.

 Our desire is to be living proof that though we may be different, embracing one another and standing united means we can never be defeated.  In solidarity and diversity, we build better foundations for lives well lived!

James Price, MGEU Equality and Human Rights Committee member